Version 1.0.7

This round includes some new features, heavily improved data management, and a few other goodies like feature tours.

Rewritten using KnockoutJs
For anyone whose already using it, or might be considering it, KnockoutJs is frankly awesome. Their claim to fame - Simplify dynamic JavaScript UIs with the Model-View-View Model (MVVM). The short version is a js model behind the scenes that holds anything you could dream of and lets you bind those values to the UI for automatic updates.

In our case that means less code for us to manage, a faster ui, and our next favorite – improved data management.

Heavily improved data management
The original version was not so smart about how it handled loading market data – anytime you changed location it went and got the data all over again. While we still have to get new data when you switch states knockout lets us hold on to those markets for reuse late. So instead of making a ton of requests every time you look at a larger radius or in a nearby city you get an instant response and save a decent chunk of data is your going mobile.

The features
Tours – Not a ton to add here but we’ve introduced a sidebar with links to blog and tours to help new users get a head start.

Bing Images – We’ve also temporarily disabled the bing images feed – didn’t want to do it but they were making the site unstable and will remain down until things can be straightened out with bing.