Version 1.1.0 – UGC Phase 1

To help make sure that our data is as complete as possible direct user feedback or UGC work will be added to the mix and will be completed in three phases.

Phase one – allow users to suggest changes to market info – manual updates

  1. Information is submitted as a suggestion
  2. Suggester get feedback that their items have been suggested
  3. Suggestion is checked against current values and immediately excepted if we do not already have the suggested information
  4. Loop close with suggester if their information was added and explanation as to why some might not have been

* In the case of UGC, information obtained via direct correspondence with the market planners will take precedent

Version 1.2.0 – UGC Phase 2

Continuing UGC and updates from version 1.0.2.

Phase two - allow users to make real time changes to market info – automatic updates – short period – 9/22

  1. Same idea as phase one – without the human component. This will include:
    1. Automatic response to suggester with provided information and notification of processing
    2. Immediate addition of new information – where none was found – and notification to support of collisions with current sets
    3. Auto loop close with suggester as to whether or not what they provided made it in to publication and if so what pieces


Version 1.3.0 – UGC Phase 3

Continuing UGC and updates from version 1.0.2.

Phase three - automatic verification of “collision” data – long period & possibly to be moved to version 1.1.1, after first mobile build

  1. When conflicting information is found reach out to market planners for correct choice
  2. Also poll market website – if one exists – for any changes and make comparison
  3. Start adding basic rules for site/suggestion comparison to determine winning data
  4. Notification to market planners – if contact information is available – that data has been suggested/accepted that may contradict with their actual details and an opportunity for response/correction


Hello world & welcome to!

It has been a labor of love but we are live!

I set out without a goal – never have a hard time finding a farmer’s near me again, ever, regardless of where I am at any given time. While we aren’t quite there yet I know we are the way and am proud to have published 1.0. There are a ton of planned improvements and concepts to come and any/all feedback is welcome. To find out about those improvements, approximate dates for updates, and what will be included in each version check out the What’s New section.

It will be slow going as this is a one man band at the moment but bare with me, we will get there.